A vociferous political scythe-lash has taken over Bollywood’s song and dance routine in recent times, taking the fun out of confined, air-conditioned entertainment. But international artists can’t seem to get enough of their one-night gigs in Mumbai, especially Hollywood stars and musicians and Mumbai is not known to keep it down, and definitely not when it comes to its music.

Jamaican singer, OMI, of the reggae-pop worldwide hit, Cheerleader, that’s remixed by German DJ Felix Jaehn, is headed to the city for the very first time, all the way from his home base Clarendon in Jamaica.


Singer OMI | Getty Images

The singer, born Omar Samuel Pasley, is slated to perform on Saturday, February 23, at Kitty Su, a nightclub at The Lalit, Mumbai. He knows what it takes to hit the Billboard Hot 100 with a melody he woke up randomly humming when he was 21 years old, but it remains to be seen, and heard, if his live gig shakes Mumbai up. While he’s quite cool and popular with the ladies, all the Indian boys just wanna know if the very haute girls in his breakthrough video are accompanying him on his maiden India trip!

On film terrain, filmmaker Homi Adajania’s been playing out his own Parsi, not to mention very PG version, of Two And A Half Men at home with his sons, Zane and Zreh. The entertaining instagram videos Adajania posts of his boys, replete with their super acting skills and put-on accents, are more hilarious and entertaining than anything one’s seen on celluloid lately. But that’s not all Adajania’s busy with in his role as a modernist, stay-at-home-dad.


Homi Adajania | Instagram

He’s working on his next project, a web series called Saas, Bahu Aur Cocaine for Amazon. A rather blasphemous name that’s already a conversation opener, and perhaps even an eye-opener, for a saas-bahu obsessed nation. But then what else can one expect from someone who kicked off his cinematic leanings with Being Cyrus (2006) a dark, psychological drama, starring Naseeruddin Shah, Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia and Boman Irani and went on to make Cocktail (2012), exhibiting the sexiest and coolest version of Deepika Padukone to Finding Fanny (2014). Interestingly, Being Cyrus was shot in the filmmaker’s erstwhile home in Panchgani, which he later sold off to actor Aamir Khan. Saas Bahu Aur Cocaine sounds like a wildly mad ride, just like its creator Adajania and if he swings in Dimple Kapadia to play a part, it could very well be a smashing series. 

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The House Of Medici Nightclub & Lounge #PartyingInPune #MediciMagic #WestinWeekend

Rubina A Khan reviews The House Of Medici, Pune: “a nightclub that takes the hashtag #PartyingInPune to an all time dazzling high”

There’s always a party in Pune, but Saturday nights in the city’s haute new nightclub and lounge, The House of Medici, is where the party is really at! The House of Medici is the Westin Pune Koregaon Park’s Florentine inspired nightclub and lounge, with a dominant Renaissance theme playing out a seductively glamorous vibe. It has people queuing up on weekends outside the imposing brown door, in anticipation of drinking and dancing the night away (yet again!) under the light of glimmering chandeliers, taking the hashtag #PartyingInPune to an all time dazzling high.

An extremely busy, 104 feet long bar, the longest by far in India, withstands a whole lot of champagne, whisky and cocktail and what-have-you libation serve-ups through the night by an affable bartending crew as the music thumps on. The music is contemporary world with a smattering of Indian and international DJ’s playing at the club, and Bollywood music is not on Medici’s playlist. The horse-shoe shaped bar seamlessly amalgamates the three bifurcations in the club’s space, each echoing the luxe vibe it’s going for. The House Of Medici unabashedly takes inspiration from the life and styles of the original Medici family from Florence, Italy that gained prominence with the Medici Bank, the largest in Europe in the 15th century and went on to become a political dynasty and a royal house subsequently. An inanimate pig called Lorenzo occupies a place of pride in the nightclub, and even though I’m not quite sure of its significance during the Medici era, it does lend a comic flair to the design, with its head full of delicious cocktails and maybe even Coldplay’s dreams! There are many reasons why the couch next to Lorenzo the bartending pig is a favourite with the club’s crowd, but one of them has got to be that it has the best light, adding virtual photoshop, making you look good, for real, not just in pictures!

The House Of Medici’s contemporary world cuisine bar eats comprises of delectable favourites like Lemongrass Prawns with Raw Papaya Salad and Sweet Chilli Sauce, Mushroom and Spinach Ravioli with Feta Salad and Potato Wrapped Tilapia with Jalapeno and Caper Tartare under the culinary expertise of Executive Chef Rahul Kaushik and Sous Chef Rishi Verma. It is a rather impressive menu and the presentation of the food is as beautiful, as it is contemporary. The House Of Medici’s Live Pantomime Acts add a novel excitement to the pre-dinner drinks ambience in the club.

You must hit up The House Of Medici when you’re in Pune next – it’s got the vibe, the music, the food, the drinks, the crowds AND the best service. There is no way you can call it a night here once you’re inside, but only in the wee hours of the morning. And that is how you get THOM’d! And if you’re still up for another round of partying, then surface at 3PM, whether you’re a Westin hotel guest or not, get some coffee into your bloodstream and head over to Mix@360 for a raging Sunday Sundowner to shoot some cold ones in this beautiful weather.

This was my fabulous #WestinWeekend with unforgettable #MediciMagic thrown in!

The House Of Medici is open for drinks:
Tuesday-Saturday 7.30PM onwards
Sunday 5PM onwards

Westin Pune Koregaon Park
36/3-B Koregaon Park Annexe, Mundhwa Road, Ghorpadi, Pune 411001 India
+91 97654 93216 The House Of Medici

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Partying Inside The World’s First Underwater Nightclub – SUBSIX At Niyama Maldives!

The sun has just set on the island, after a theatrical flourish of colors stretching across the Maldivian skies in all imaginable shades of the big fireball. The indigo waters of the Indian Ocean are awash with a golden gleam till dusk takes over with a dazzling display of twinkling stars, dancing and sparkling around an incandescent moon above in an unorchestrated symphony of the skies. It’s the perfect evening to go out dancing, and the elegant group of people waiting for their ride at the Niyama, Maldives jetty know that. The excitement is palpable as the speedboat docks in to the jetty and everyone gingerly boards the boat, all the while maintaining the poise and glamour of seasoned fashion forwards. With all its beautiful people aboard, the boat then heads 500 metres north of the island to Niyama’s exclusive and the world’s first, one of a kind, underwater nightclub – Subsix.

480226200As the breeze sprays you with the salty, ocean water, you cannot help but wonder if partying in a nightclub in the Maldivian archipelago is really happening, that too one that has a dress code. From flip-flops and cut-offs and sunscreen, it’s quite the departure for the party on board to evening dresses, heels and makeup! After all, the islands are best known for their pristine, sunny beaches, crystal blue waters, spectacular spas, world-class cuisine and wines, state-of-the-art water sports and incredibly stunning vistas. Of course, all these relaxing activities are limited largely to the island resort you are visiting. In other words, all the action is on the island. So, naturally, one simply cannot fathom the very idea of a nightclub in the Maldives. Sure, there’s dancing and music in beach bars, sunset view bars and even restaurants (if no one’s looking) on the island resorts, but an actual nightclub? Sounds absolutely incredulous and unbelievable! But Niyama by Per Aquum, seems to have changed the game globally, by offering the world a getaway on its vast island playground with Subsix. As the boat approaches Edge, the over water bar and restaurant, swathed in a fluorescent pink hue, near the landing jetty, everyone’s ready to get this party started!

480226190After getting off the boat and sipping on some welcome cocktails, a wooden staircase to the left of Edge, takes you down under. A large door swings open and there it is – Subsix – the world’s first and only nightclub underwater! Nothing you have ever imagined can compare to what hits you when you are inside it, aside from gasps of sheer wonder and amazement. ‘You are in a nightclub underwater’ is a sentence that keeps whirling around in your head as you take in the interiors of the club. The club is built six feet under the surface of the Indian Ocean and spins the term ‘partying’ on its head, giving a whole new meaning to shaking things up under water. Floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides of the structure allow unparalleled views of the marine life that swim by from the inner depths of the blue – Manta Rays, Parrotfish, Turtles, Clown Fish and many more exotic underwater inhabitants. A myriad shades of blue bounce off the ocean, straight into the club, and seem to change colour by the minute, set off by the glimmering lights inside. Fishes and sea creatures swim up to the windows and it all seems like a very ethereal dream!

480226206The design and décor of the club and the bar is on trend and no different from any hip nightclub anywhere in the world, except the fact that Subsix is underwater. The structure was built entirely on land, before being sunk into place, making sure no corals on the house reef were damaged. Niyama encourages people to adopt corals to protect and enrich the environment and since they started their Coral Regeneration Program in 2007, 3000 corals have been added to the house reef. Everyone soon turns into paparazzi mode, taking pictures of the fishes that even hold a pose sometimes! Imagine the delight of one guest who managed to score picture of a fish French-kissing her through the glass! Needless to add, that’s her Facebook profile picture for at least a week, if not more! Just sitting by one of the windows enjoying a signature cocktail, watching the fishes come up to the glass and blow kisses at you, is a sublime experience. It is almost as if you are one with the ocean and its colourful inhabitants. Dancing to the resident DJ’s tunes and burning up a dance floor six feet under water hits you harder than any cocktail made in any bar in the world! International rap star Tinie Tempah, was the first to perform at Subsix when it opened in the last quarter of 2012, followed by DJ Poet who is the official DJ of the band, Black Eyed Peas. Night divers and snorkellers, are often surprised when they see the glittering lights of Subsix on their explorations and feel the pulsating rhythms of the music, but the ocean life seems unperturbed by the humans dancing and swaying to the music. The underwater nightclub experience is definitely the reason Niyama’s residents swing by for a good time, but it is Subsix’s extraordinary view that is far more heady than any of the exotic cocktails on the expansive menu.

480226154Such is the popularity of Subsix’s spectacular ocean life views, that Niyama has started a Prix Fixe lunch menu on Wednesdays and Saturdays to accommodate their guests’ requests. It is an exceptionally well-crafted menu that caters to a global palette, paired with some of the best wines from around the world. From the best grass-fed beef to the best seafood the ocean has to offer, the Subsix menu is created to entice the most discerning patron. The food is prepared by the chefs at the Edge kitchen above and brought down to the diners by the very congenial and charming staff on the days that Subsix hosts lunches.

Partying underwater has so far been the realm of avid scuba divers who love the depths of the ocean and its fascinating inhabitants and each dive feels like an underwater party to them. But when there’s a man-made wonder like Subsix, you don’t need to be a swimmer or a scuba diver to enjoy the marvels of the ocean. In fact, you can drink to that!

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