Italian-American Cuisine At The BlueBop Cafe, Mumbai

Rubina A Khan reviews The Bluebop Cafe, Mumbai: “Italian-American gluttony at its authentic best, with live jazz performances.”

The Bluebop Cafe is a new jim-dandy of a bar cafe in Mumbai, serving Italian-American cuisine along with a musical side of jazz blues and bop, live. Inspired by the musical evolution of jazz, which came to mean jazz music in Chicago, USA, around 1915, and bebop, which is a style of jazz that came to be in the United States of America in the 1940s, Eesha Sukhi, the owner and creator of The Bluebop Cafe, decided to name her first independent culinary space thus.


The Bluebop Cafe entrance | Photo: Rubina A Khan

The restaurant is located right on Linking Road, Khar, and not on some long-winding inner bylane with the dreaded no-entry signages. As you walk into the inviting, verdure (a rare sighting in Mumbai) courtyard with wrought-iron benches and an old Peepal tree leaning into it, you are instantly drawn in. I can just imagine myself sitting on one of the benches on a December night, breathing in fresh oxygen from the Peepal tree that it produces at night.

I fell in love with the Asparagus and Polenta that set the tone for the Italian-American food gluttony ahead – the crunch of the freshly sautéed green asparagus spears, along with the polenta and the manchego cheese was beyond delicious. There’s grits of the American South, and then there’s the vegetarian, Indian version, of the classic Italian polenta right here in Mumbai at Bluebop. I’d order two the next time around!


Asparagus & Polenta | Photo: Rubina A Khan

The Spaghetti Aglio Olio was flavoursome, right down to the last spiral and chilli flake as was the creamy Mushroom Risotto, accompanied by a delightful cocktail called the Citrus Spritzer. The New York style pizzas, and I’m not a pizza person at all, as I owe all my indulgent allegiance to burgers and fries, were delicious. I tried the Goat Cheese and Spinach as well as the Jerk Chicken pizza and the dough was so good that I never thought I’d say that except of course when I’m talking money! Bluebop bakes all their breads in-house and that made all the difference to the pizza crust really.

The desserts are innovative, particularly the Matcha Mousse with fresh Blueberries. The Tiramisu, with a caramelised head with dustings of coffee powder, served with a wine biscuit is as good as it can get outside of Italy. Bluebop sources all its produce locally, all the time staying true to the  regions of Italy and America that the dishes originate from. 

The wine walls, patterned flooring, cane-backed chairs with arm-rests and seating booths lend a 70s vibe to the cafe, but not entirely, as the illuminated bar breaks away with its contemporary design, with mixologist Dinesh Mondkar concocting and crafting the heady cocktails. The culinary team is led by Chef Saurabh Raturi, who interestingly, also moonlights as a musician (a guitar hangs above the kitchen entry) when he’s not developing and perfecting a new dish for the cafe. As I see it, the Bluebop team is poised for culinary greatness as it is knowledgeable, curious and willing to adapt, without a trace of the “I know it all” affectations, in an ever evolving and extremely competitive business.

You might slip up on the ‘gram at this swingin’ cafe, diving into the Italian-American cuisine at its authentic best as soon as the dishes are placed on your table, overcome by the gluttony of it all. But then again, it’d be sinful not to give in! 

The BlueBop Cafe is open all days, from 12:00PM-1AM.
Sunday Brunch: 12PM-3PM.
The BlueBop Cafe
318, Linking Rd, Khar West,
Mumbai 400052 India
+91 22 62366444 | 93 722 02586

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