It’s time to Frieze in London. Nicky and Robert Wilson, co-founders of the Jupiter Artland Foundation are hosting a cocktail at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London tomorrow, October 4, to celebrate ten years of the Scottish sculpture park and the launch of their anniversary publication, The Generous Landscape: Ten Years of Jupiter Artland at Frieze 2018. Artists Phyllida Barlow, Charles Jencks and Antony Gormley will be toasting to the Wilsons’ artistic decade alongside Maria Balshaw CBE, the first female Director of the Tate art museums and galleries since January 2017 and Iwona Blazwick, Director of the Whitechapel Gallery who discovered Damien Hirst in the nineties, the UK’s richest living artist today.

Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland

It’s pumpkin spice season in New York and Meera Gandhi of the Giving Back Foundation hosted an afternoon soiree on September 22 in honour of HRH Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, at her Park Avenue townhouse, more famous as the erstwhile historic home of former US First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. The guest of honour, Prince Edward, tenth in line to the British throne, was in the United States to promote the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award that supports physical fitness, mental strength and advances sports amongst the youth. Gandhi’s foundation works with empowering women and children with education and investing in their well-being, so it was an advantageous meeting between Prince Edward and her, with the future of the youth dominating the conversation.

“It was indeed a big honor and privilege for my family and my guests to receive Prince Edward at my home. It was a wonderful gathering, enjoyed by all the guests who attended like Marla Maples, Jill Zarfin, Peter Brown and many more,” said Meera from New York. Aside from her philanthropic endeavours, Gandhi has been creating a fragrance in France called Giving with notes of Sicilian Bergamot, Myrrh Oil Nambia, and Sandalwood from Mysore that she launched only recently.

Suman Jalaf is the woman behind London’s most defined and arched brows, including the original supermodel Kate Moss. Jalaf is irrepressibly the eyebrowist du jour with a very busy Beauty Atelier in Chelsea known for her bespoke brow and microblading services. On meeting Jalaf, I thought of how Oprah Winfrey had turned Romanian aesthetician, Anastasia Soare, into a go-to identity on her chat show by stating that she flew to Anastasia in Los Angeles from Chicago for her eyebrows! After that very public endorsement by Winfrey, Soare has since launched Anastasia Beverly Hills, a beauty empire that has the highest earned media value on Instagram. And she still does Winfrey’s brows and the Kardashians too.

She jetted into India for a Mumbai minute the past week and boy, was she busy! She worked on the brows of one of India’s most beautiful stars, Deepika Padukone, amongst many other eyebrows in Mumbai, including mine, and she was quite taken in with Padukone’s natural poise and humility. “Deepika is so humble! She’s such a big Bollywood star and I wasn’t expecting her to be so relaxed and easy. I am very happy she loved my work and that’s what matters to me really,” said Jalaf, who intends to come back to Mumbai with a brow tour early 2019. The Indian origin Jalaf, with a “kothi” in Punjab, is based in London, but she has loyalists in Switzerland, South Africa and the Middle-East, with her next brow tour stop being Doha, Qatar at the end of the month. I love my “Suman Brows” so much that I’m afraid I’ll have to start flying to her too like Winfrey flew to Anastasia!

Hasleen Kaur, Miss India Earth 2011, is a regular on fashion runways. But she took on a new avatar recently turning into a master of ceremonies at the Tissot x Virat Kohli Chrono XL launch. Looking statuesque and beautiful in a midnight blue Pankaj and Nidhi dress, Kaur compered the evening with a congenial flair that is quintessentially her. “I was very nervous as it was my first time compering an event. As a model, I am paid to walk the ramp, but this was fun getting paid to talk on stage. It’s another dimension of my personality that I can now explore,” said Kaur.

Kaur is also a big proponent of returning clothes that she wears for work events, which is rare in the entitled times we live in. “I truly don’t think one should keep the garments that stylists pull for you for events because it’s a loss of revenue to the designers and brands and I’m not comfortable with that. And honestly, even if I were to keep the clothes, I probably would not wear them again and then where would I keep all these garments anyway with my overflowing wardrobe?” It’d be a fashionably sound world if the gratis brigade would just talk and walk like Kaur.

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